Samsung prepares to launch 5G technology in Nepal, aiming to provide fast and reliable mobile internet through the new network

Samsung, the leading smartphone brand in Nepal, has always brought innovation in mobile technology. They lead in foldable phones, 5G capabilities, and connected ecosystems.

The major telecoms NTC and Ncell use different frequency bands across Nepal. Samsung supports all common bands like 900MHz 2G, 2100MHz 3G, and 1800MHz 4G. In 2020, Samsung first added support for NTC’s 800MHz Band 20 LTE when VoLTE expanded.

Samsung devices work on all NTC and Ncell bands and frequencies:

  • 900MHz 2G
  • 2100MHz 3G
  • 1800MHz 4G
  • 800MHz Band 20 LTE

Samsung leads in supporting all Nepal telecom bands. Their foldable, 5G, and ecosystem innovations set industry standards. Samsung partners with NTC and Ncell to enable the latest mobile technology for Nepal.

Network Ncell Namaste
2G Band 8 (900 MHz) Band 8 (900 MHz)
3G Band 1 (2100 MHz) Band 1 (2100 MHz)
4G Band 3 (1800MHz) Band 3 (1800 MHz)
4G Band 20 (800 MHz)

Telecommunications companies in Nepal strive to launch 5G networks. Commercialization of 5G technology by all mobile network operators enables faster internet speeds on 5G-enabled devices. Samsung readies users for 5G in Nepal. Since 2021, Samsung launched affordable 5G smartphones at various price points. Samsung partners with Nepali telecoms to introduce 5G. Recently, Samsung launched the low-cost Samsung Galaxy M14 5G smartphone. Samsung prepared a range of 5G-capable devices awaiting 5G network deployment. Samsung awaits Nepali mobile carriers launching 5G so devices activate 5G connectivity.

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