Safety protocols issued for mountaineering, trekking sector to be amended



The Department of Tourism () is preparing to amend the safety protocols that were recently issued for the . As the government has announced it will allow tourists to travel to from October 17, it had issued health safety protocols for the tourists and concerned stakeholders.

However, after being criticised by the stakeholders regarding the protocols, DoT is now preparing to amend them, informed Director General of DoT, Rudra Singh Tamang while addressing a virtual meeting organised by the Tourism Recovery Task Force (TRTF).

“Stakeholders have stated that the mandatory seven-day quarantine is not appropriate for foreigners travelling to Nepal. So, we are having discussions with the stakeholders on how we can manage this issue,” DG Tamang said. “We are also holding talks with COVID-19 Crisis Management Centre (CCMC) on whether we should allow travellers other than mountaineers and trekkers to enter the country,” he added.

Similarly, the department is also preparing to reduce the COV- ID-19 amount for tourists. The protocol has mentioned that each tourist travelling to Nepal must have COVID-19 worth $5,000.

Meanwhile, DoT has allocated Rs 200 million to refinance the tourism industry. The department will be preparing plans and programmes related to refinancing in coordination with the National Planning Commission, Tamang added.

In the meantime, Sameer Mani Dixit, general secretary of Nepal Public Health Foundation, said that now the government has to embrace the COVID-19 as a new normal and should implement alternative ways of handling the situation.

“The number of positive cases is increasing each day, however, there is no way we can afford to halt economic activi

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