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Hi.I am a mental illness survivor. I spent my life untill now struglling with depression and anxiety ,ptsd and other emotional issues.I left my home some months back because my family scarred me for life(please dont judge me for this before you know my previous situation). I had some savings,but now i have less than 1000 on my bank account. I need to pay 10000 to my hostel's owner in less than 1 month. I dont have any option. Can you guys help me find any job , any job waiter,marketing,call center,anything.I need to buy medicine for my mental illness every month. I cant go back to home, if i told you why i left home you willl understand but i am not gonna say why. If you guys know any job available please let me know. My skills are My english is not fluent but good. I am good with people, I am very intuitive about people,my communication skill is very good I think, right now i am studying to become a web developer but i dont have enough skills for job or internship for job in web development.Any job like waiter,marketing ,call center,basic job which entails basic computer skills.Please reach out to me and help a brother out of this misery.Thank you for reading this.

Ps.I am posting this everywhere.Thats how much I am desperate for job.

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