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privatisation and Liberalisation for Marwadi community!???

After privatisation and Liberalisation public enterprises performed so badly. Many government owned enterprises collapsed?? I found something fishy in whole the process of privatisation. How Marwadi community so strongly dominated Nepalese business environment so early. ??? Please give your views 🙏

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  1. Most Nepali would rather prefer to go to Khadi than work here and build business. Only way to make a lot of money is to do business and invest. Most Nepali don’t have interest in both. All they can do is spend their entire life on low paying jobs and spew their anger like this post on social media and spend their entire life being salty about other people’s success.

    On the other hand Marwaris have strong business culture and are very supportive to each other in their community. Only think other Nepali know how to do is pull legs.

  2. public companies are filled with party karyakarta rather than competent one. many government organizations were running on loss before they were dilluted in 90s. If it was not ADB and foregin aid, Nepal bank and RBB would have been closed their door.

    if you look at NTC and NCell, NCell is running with 1/4 of the workforce NTC have while having similar customer base. Because of connection with India, Marwadi had upper-hand back then and still have due to strong hold.

    Back in days, horlicks’s distribution was looked after by non-marwadi (newar or cheetri, i’m confused). Horlicks asked them if they can increase sales but they were preety much in confort and told them horlicks sells only in city areas and were limited in that market.later it was taken over by marwadi family who directly gave order of 4-5x times of what sales was before and made in available in all type of market.

    Just look at corporate house of non marwadi and marwadi. Brand like Hero & Honda are still living in past while they are being surpassed by TVS.

  3. Because they have been into business for generations….while rest of the people always ran after government jobs marwadis took risk and went into businesses…..they had experience….they had connections in India..and there were other shady things too


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