NMB Bank Limited Reports Slight Decline In Core Business Revenue In Q2


With a 6.04 percent increase in net profit for the fiscal year 2078/2079, NMB Bank Limited (NMB) has published its second-quarter report for the fiscal year 2078/2079. From Rs. 1.61 Arba in the second quarter of fiscal year 2077/2078 Rs. 1.71 Arba in the second quarter of fiscal year 2078/2079, the bank’s net profit has significantly.

After accounting for P/L appropriation regulatory obligations, the bank a distributable profit of Rs. 87.41 crores in the third quarter of this year.

Customer deposits climbed by 10.46 percent Rs. 1.81 kharba (compared to the same period the previous year), but loans advances to customers increased by 13.99 percent to Rs. 1.72 kharba (compared to the same period the previous year) up to the end of the second quarter of 2018. When compared to the same quarter the previous year, the bank’s Net Interest Income (core business income) climbed to Rs. 2.71 arba, or a 27% rise.

Bank of Baroda’s paid-up capital stands at Rs. 18.36 Arba, with Rs. 6.75 Arba in reserves surplus on the books. The percentage of non-performing loans (NPLs) has decreased 1.49 percent.

Bank’s annualized earnings per share (EPS) was Rs. 18.64, its net worth per share was Rs. 136.8 at the time of the financial year end. The company traded at a price--earnings ratio of 18.94 times.

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