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NEPSE Index Update: Insights into Nepal’s Stock Market Movement

The Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) Index exhibited a positive trajectory, recording a gain of 0.45% or 9.19 points, closing at 2,036.01 points by the end of today’s trading session. This follows a notable increase of 22.75 points in the previous session, indicating a dynamic market environment.

Opening at 2,035.2 points, the trading day was characterized by fluctuations, with the index reaching an intraday high of 2,046.61 points before dipping to an intraday low of 2,030.44 points. Such variations underscore the active participation of investors and the responsiveness of the market to various factors.

Amidst this bustling trading environment, a total of 315 different stocks were traded in 72,261 transactions. The volume of shares traded amounted to 9,789,416, reflecting a total turnover of Rs. 4.14 Arba. The market capitalization closed at Rs. 32.28 Kharba, with a float market capitalization of Rs. 10.89 Kharba, indicating significant financial activity within NEPSE.

One standout highlight of the day was SuryaJyoti Life Insurance Company Limited (SJLIC), which garnered a turnover of Rs. 18.08 Crore and closed at a market price of Rs. 499.10. Additionally, three companies experienced positive circuit movements, contributing to the overall market dynamics.

However, Wean Nepal Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited (WNLB) faced a decline, losing 10% to close at Rs. 1,511.10. Such fluctuations in individual stock performance highlight the inherent risks associated with stock market investment.

In terms of sector performance, three Sector Indices concluded in negative territory, with the “Finance Index” leading with a gain of 2.79%. Conversely, the “Manufacturing And Processing Index” witnessed a decline of 1.46%, showcasing sector-specific trends within NEPSE.

In conclusion, the latest NEPSE trading session provides valuable insights into the dynamics of Nepal’s stock market movement. Investors should remain vigilant and informed to navigate fluctuations and capitalize on investment opportunities.


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