NEPSE Index Records 1.13% Gain in 4-Day Trading Week with Increased Volatility

During the past week, the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) experienced four days of trading activity due to a holiday on Wednesday. The week concluded with the NEPSE index closing at 2,029.78 points, reflecting a gain of 22.72 points, which translates to a 1.13% increase. In comparison, the previous week had seen the index closing at 2,007.06 points, marking a significant gain of 3.86% from the week prior.

Throughout the trading week, the NEPSE index displayed fluctuations, reaching a high of 2,040.03 points and a low of 1,953.15 points. This level of volatility amounted to a substantial 86.88 points. In the preceding week, the index had witnessed slightly lower volatility, with fluctuations of 73.94 points.

Thursday stood out as the day with the highest intraday loss during the week, recording a drop of 44.35 points, and the day saw a turnover of Rs 3.29 Arba. However, when considering the entire week, the total turnover amounted to a more substantial Rs 7.37 Arba, indicating active trading and investment activities in the market.

In summary, the NEPSE index demonstrated fluctuations during the four trading days of the week, with a net gain of 22.72 points. This performance follows a notable gain from the previous week, signifying ongoing activity and investor sentiment in the market.

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