NEPSE Drops 20.16 Points on Last Trading Day of the Week, Laxmi Sunrise Promoter Shares Witness High Turnover


In today’s trading, the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) Index concluded at 1,874.60 points, marking a significant loss of 20.16 points or 1.06% compared to the previous day’s close, which had seen a gain of 5.16 points. The trading day began with the index opening at 1,895.28, reaching its lowest point at 1,870.19, and peaking at 1,897.60.

During today’s trading, there were 292 different stocks involved in 62,046 transactions. The total volume of shares traded amounted to 7,558,542 units, with a total turnover of Rs. 1.70 Arba. The market capitalization stood at Rs. 28.72 Kharba, and the float market capitalization was Rs. 10.06 Kharba.


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