Nepse begins 2021 by sailing past 2,100 to a fresh peak



The country’s sole secondary market set a new record on the first trading day of 2021, with the (Nepse) index surging by 4.22 per cent or 88.12 points to sail past the psychological threshold of 2,100 points today.

Opening at the previous week’s close of 2,087.28 points, the benchmark index was mostly northbound throughout the trading period today.

The sensitive index, which measures the performance of class ‘A’ stocks, rose by 4.31 per cent or 17.18 points to 415.88 points. The float index that gauges the performance of shares actually traded went up by 4.1 per cent or 5.82 points to 147.74 points.

All the subgroups landed in the green today, with trading the gainers with the surge of 9.64 per cent or 221.57 points to 2,520.67 points.

However, life was forerunner in terms of points gained, with sub-index soaring by 550.95 points or 4.09 per cent to 14,022.48 points.

A total of 14.03 million shares of 212 li

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