NEPSE Announces Renewed Memberships: List of Stock Broker and Trader/Dealer Companies for FY 2080/2081

Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) has released a list of 82 stock broker companies and 2 stock trader/dealer companies that have renewed their memberships for the fiscal year 2080/2081. The published list includes a variety of brokerages, each assigned a specific broker number, along with their respective head offices. Some of the notable brokerages on the list include Kumari Securities Pvt. Limited, Arun Securities Pvt. Limited, and Market Securities Exchange Company Pvt. Limited.

The renewal of membership indicates the continued participation of these companies in NEPSE, signifying their commitment to the stock exchange. The brokerages are spread across various locations in Kathmandu, such as Dillibazar, Gaushala, Lazimpat, Khichapokhari, and many more.

This list provides transparency and accountability in the stock market by acknowledging the entities that have actively renewed their memberships, contributing to the overall functioning and dynamism of the Nepalese stock market. The inclusion of stock trader/dealer companies, such as Nagarik Stock Dealer Company Ltd., further enhances the diversity of participants in the market.

In summary, NEPSE’s publication of the renewed membership list serves as a comprehensive record of the stock broker and trader/dealer entities that have reaffirmed their engagement with the exchange for the specified fiscal year, fostering transparency and regulatory compliance.

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