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nepse algo solution possible or not?

Hi traders and fellow investor, I have been lurking on nepse for over 5 years. Each time with its bear and bull, I learn a lot about money, power and resources. I have been developing market related solution for over 3, 4 years. It is pretty much for myself. I am the only one use it. So later on this year I were able to create a good impact on my trading by the help of different trading strategy. So My aim was to buy the ipo when it get first listed. You know the drill pricing is increasing 2% on each new ltp until it reach 10% and close at 11:0x. So for this to achieve I needed to place the order and edit those order in tms manually and it will not help a bit to catch it. So I uses my programming skill and make a automation script to catch this whimps fail measurably on each ipo. However moving to current time, I pivot this solution to automate buy/sell order in our tms. So for past month, I have gave the access to small group of my friend and they are loving it so far. I wanted to make this solution better and reliable so I m in need of the contributor. so please help me fill this form to get more insight on this.

little insight on the solution I m working on
tms quant : tool to automate the order of tms

mr market:solution to create trading strategy such as supertrend and 176+ more, broker holding and broker analysis as usual.

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