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Nepal Investment Mega Bank Successfully Concludes Allotment for 10% Debenture 2090 Public Issue

Nepal Investment Mega Bank Limited (NIMB) has recently completed the allotment process for the public offering of the “10% NIMB Debenture 2090” on the 10th of Falgun, 2080. The issuance, which commenced on the 1st of Falgun, concluded on the 4th of Falgun, 2080.

A total of 40.40 lakh units were made available during the issuance, each having a par value of Rs. 1000. Out of the entire unit allocation, 60%, equivalent to 24.24 lakh units, was designated for subscription through private placement. Meanwhile, the remaining 16.16 lakh units, valued at Rs. 1.61 Arba, were open for public subscription. Additionally, 5%, amounting to 80.80 thousand units, were specifically set aside for mutual funds. The overall funds to be generated from this issuance are expected to total Rs. 4.40 Arba.

The “10% NIMB Debenture 2090” is aptly named, signifying its nature as a debenture with a maturity period spanning 10 years and a fixed coupon rate of 10%. Prabhu Capital Limited played the role of the issue manager throughout this process.


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