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Nepal Investment Mega Bank (NIMB) Reports Impressive Q1 2080/81 Profits with 33.47% Growth

Nepal Investment Mega Bank Limited (NIMB) has recently unveiled its first-quarter report for the fiscal year 2080/81, demonstrating a remarkable 33.47% surge in its net profit. The bank’s profit soared to NPR 1.52 Arba during this period, indicating a positive trend in its financial performance.

In terms of financial standing, the same period disclosed a total paid-up capital of NPR 34.12 Arba, along with reserves amounting to NPR 25.89 Arba. However, the bank’s retained earnings were in the negative, standing at NPR 85.23 Crores.

NIMB’s first-quarter report revealed total deposits reaching NPR 3.61 Kharba, while loans and advances to customers amounted to NPR 3.04 Kharba. Notably, the bank experienced a significant 95.40% increase in Net Interest Income, reaching NPR 4.16 Arba. On the flip side, the bank reported personnel expenses of NPR 96.14 Crores and impairment charges of NPR 64.06 Crores.

During the first quarter, the bank achieved an annualized Earnings Per Share (EPS) of NPR 17.84, and the net worth per share was recorded at NPR 173.37. However, the Non-Performing Loans (NPL) spiked up to 4.83%. It’s important to note that the bank reported a negative distributable profit of NPR 85.32 Crores.


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