MoCTCA amends ratings provision for hotel industry



The , (MoCT- CA) has amended the provision of the ratings for hotel .

According to the amended provision, which was made public today, hotels operated in the national parks and Himalayan districts will be able to be categorised as star-rated hotels even if they have fewer rooms.

According to the ministry, such provision has been introduced by changing the classification and criteria of hotels, resorts, tourist lodges, motels and bed and breakfast. This provision will be applicable for new hotels only. The ministry has stated that the ratings of old hotels will remain the same.

The new provision will be implemented on hotels opened in protected areas, national parks, wildlife reserves and mountainous districts outside the Kathmandu valley.

As per the new criteria, hotels in the aforementioned areas will be rated star hotels even if they only have seven rooms.

Prior to this, 15 rooms were mandatory to be recognised as one-star hotel.

The criteria have been revised to 15 rooms for two-star hotels, 22

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