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Introduction to

The financial exchange of Nepal (Nepal Stock Exchange) has made incredible steps over the most recent couple of years. Financial specialists and Nepali Stock investors will no longer need to trust that hours will top off their offers and afterward hold up in line to get their cashback. Additionally, one doesn’t need to go to the offer enlistment center to get the authentication of reward and right and money profit.

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For every one of these offices, you just need to spend Rs. 50 every year. You can do every one of these things from home by turning into a client of Mero Share. All you have to do to utilize the include is make your email address and the recipient number of your Demat account.

‘Mero share’ is a product created by CDS and Clearing Limited (CDSC). MeroShare gives the office to the recipient to see the offer exchange data in your on the web.

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Customers can get the following while using the Mero share web-app.

  1. View the personal details of the beneficiary account holder
  2. View the details of the stock in your account
  3. Details of the actual value of the stock in your account based on the market value i. e view the
  4. View the details of the transactions in your account
  5. View the details of the shares which are under collateral in your account
  6. To Online in order to purchase the shares in case of issue (IPO / FPO) and the right issue.
  7. To make a bank account entry in the beneficiary account or to request a depository participant (DP) to change the bank account entered incorrectly.
  8. Easily transfer the shares you have sold by going to the most useful MY EDIS tab.
  9. To view the IPO result of the company in which you have submitted an Application.


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CDSC Meroshare Login โ€“ Everything about Mero Share