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Global IME Bank Launches “Global Green Home Loan Scheme” for Eco-Friendly Residences

Global IME Bank Limited (GBIME) has recently introduced the “Global Green Home Loan Scheme,” offering competitive interest rates and additional benefits to support eco-friendly residences. With an attractive fixed interest rate of 8.99% for up to 7 years, eligible borrowers can access loans of up to 12 crore rupees under this scheme.

This initiative is designed to encourage sustainable living practices by facilitating the construction, purchase, and upgrading of environmentally conscious homes. The scheme aims to promote green building practices and reduce the carbon footprint associated with housing construction.

Participants in the Global Green Home Loan Scheme will also enjoy complimentary mobile banking and credit card services, enhancing the convenience and accessibility of banking services.

As the first private sector bank with a nationwide branch network, Global IME Bank boasts an extensive presence with over 1,100 service points, including 354 branch offices and 379 ATMs. Serving a vast customer base of over 4.6 million individuals, the bank plays a significant role in the national economy by facilitating remittances from various countries, thereby contributing to the achievement of sustainable development goals.


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