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Mechi Customs Office Surpasses Rs 12.93 Billion in Revenue Collection

Despite a 3.61% decrease in imports compared to the same period last fiscal year, exports have increased by 10.76%, according to Ganapati Kandel, the Public Information Officer at the Mechi Customs Office. Kandel reported that goods worth Rs 40.79 billion were imported through the Kakadbhitta customs point, while exports totaled Rs 22.21 billion. Notable increases in exports were seen for chhurpi (65.29%), plywood (56.33%), ginger (35.45%), broom grass (amriso) (31.34%), and venous seats (12.57%). However, cardamom exports declined by 2.61%, and tea exports fell by 13.42%.

On the import side, there were significant decreases in diesel, aviation fuel, vegetables, jute, gypsum, clothing, and LPG. Major imports through the Kakadbhitta border included petrol, diesel, jute and jute products, cooking gas, various vegetables, gypsum, resins, clothes, and fruits (including juice). Key exports included cardamom, iron sheets, plywood, tea, chhurpi, amriso, ginger, sweets, other metal residues, venous sheets, clinker, and other materials.


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