Macro Economic Indicators of FY 2022/23: Remittance Inflows Rise by 22.7%, Inflation at 6.83%


As of mid-June 2023, there was a total outstanding concessional loan of Rs. 203.10 billion given to 147,510 borrowers. Out of this amount, Rs. 139.68 billion was provided to 61,235 borrowers for selected commercial agriculture and livestock businesses. Additionally, Rs. 60.46 billion was given as loans to 83,455 women entrepreneurs. In other specified sectors, a total of Rs. 2.97 billion in concessional loans was availed by 2,820 borrowers.

During the same period, the NEPSE index, which measures the performance of the Nepal Stock Exchange, was recorded at 2042.07. This figure showed an increase compared to its value of 1996.26 in mid-June 2022.

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