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Kumari Bank Introduces ‘Kumari Sabal Yojana’: 8.5 Crore Units Mutual Fund Scheme for Public Subscription from 28th

Embarking on a new investment avenue, Kumari Capital Limited introduces the closed-end mutual fund scheme, “Kumari Sabal Yojana,” through its recently published offer letter. Opening on the 28th of Magh and closing on the 2nd of Falgun, 2080, this opportunity presents investors with a chance to subscribe to 8.5 crore units, collectively valued at Rs. 85 crore. Notably, a total of 10 crore units are on offer, with 1% reserved for the scheme manager, Kumari Capital Limited, and 14% allocated to the fund sponsor, Kumari Bank Limited. In the event of undersubscription by the early closing date, the offering can extend until the 13th Falgun, providing potential investors with an extended window to seize this investment opportunity in “Kumari Sabal Yojana.”


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