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Kathmandu Unveils Rs 25.70 Billion Budget for 2024/25

The Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has announced a budget of Rs 25.70 billion for the fiscal year 2024/25. Deputy Mayor Sunita Dangol presented the budget during the 15th municipal assembly meeting, noting a reduction of Rs 170 million from the previous year. The budget allocates Rs 14.81 billion (61.20 percent) for infrastructure development, Rs 3.49 billion (14.44 percent) for administrative expenses, Rs 3.81 billion (15.75 percent) for the social sector, and Rs 1.89 billion (7.82 percent) for good governance. Revenue is projected to reach Rs 24.20 billion from reserve funds, with an additional Rs 1.50 billion from land integration projects, and the rest from federal and provincial grants.

Lalitpur Metropolitan City has set its budget for the next fiscal year at Rs 7.46 billion, an increase of Rs 960 million. The budget includes Rs 4.67 billion for development projects and Rs 2.78 billion for recurrent expenditure. Bharatpur Metropolitan City announced a budget of Rs 6.55 billion, focusing on programs such as the Mayor Resident Program for marginalized communities, greenery promotion, the Daughter Insurance Program, and renewable energy consumption.

Bhaktapur Municipality proposed a budget of Rs 2.66 billion for FY 2024/25, with Rs 994 million (37.30 percent) allocated for development expenditure, Rs 1.57 billion (58.93 percent) for recurrent expenditure, and Rs 105 million for financial management. Priorities include storage and marketing of local agricultural products, tourism promotion, and waste management. Nepalgunj Sub-Metropolitan City has announced a budget of Rs 1.50 billion, focusing on tourism promotion through the ‘Visit Western Nepal 2081’ campaign, conservation of holy places, promotion of organic farming, free insemination of cattle, and management of stranded animals.


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