Jumla has been connected to the national electrical grid


Khalanga, the administrative centre of Jumla, has been connected to the national transmission line.

The has been connected to the 11-KV national transmission line, according to Gaurav Pandey, the chief of the National Electricity distribution centre in Jumla.

β€œFor the time being, NEA has linked Jumla to the 11-KV national transmission line through Kalikot,” he explained. When Kalikot arrived at the reach, NEA stepped up its efforts to connect Jumla to the transmission line.

The transmission line from Jumla to Manma of Kalikot along the Karnali highway had previously been successfully tested by NEA. With the NEA successfully connecting the to the national transmission line, the electrical supply shortage would be alleviated.

Gajendra Bahadur Mahat, a member of Parliament, expressed his delight at the development of electrical transmission in Jumla while emphasising the importance of long-term management.

By Dashain, the NEA hopes to provide power in all eight local levels of the district’s key areas.

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