Iwa Khola Hydropower Project Faces Disruption in Commercial Electricity Production Due to Flood Damage

The Iwa Khola Hydropower Project, with a capacity of 9.9 MW and operated by Ridi Power Company Limited (RIDI), is currently facing disruptions in its commercial electricity production. The interruption is a result of damages caused by recent floods in the area.

RIDI released a press statement informing that both units of the Iwa Khola Hydropower Project have ceased commercial electricity production since Ashad 1st, 2080, due to the flood-induced damages. The floodwaters have caused significant harm to the project’s headworks, headrace pipe, equipment at the powerhouse, and other infrastructure.

This incident is part of a larger issue affecting several hydropower projects in Nepal. According to the Independent Power Producers’ Association – Nepal (IPPAN), a total of 13 hydropower projects, including the Iwa Khola Hydropower Project, have suffered damages during the floods on Ashad 1st and 2nd. These affected projects collectively have a capacity of 150 MW.

The damages inflicted by the floods have resulted in a setback for the operation of the Iwa Khola Hydropower Project and other affected projects. Efforts will be required to repair and restore the damaged infrastructure before the resumption of commercial electricity production can take place.

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