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Is this the right time to invest?

I don’t know much analysis of the share market. All I’ve heard is you should invest when it is low and sell when it is high. As I’ve seen the market going above 3000 currently, it is at low. Luckily, I needed money and sold them and made a good profit selling all my stocks high.


Now, I have some money and want to invest. Is it a good time to invest?

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  1. market is in low. low volume indicates bear is here to stay.

    i suggest, periodical investment. x amt every month in stocks. x amount in FD. i suggest recurring FD as you can continue investing even if interest goes down.

    when interest of deposit go down, gradually increase investment in stocks.

  2. If you are looking for short term returns, the answer is No else the answer is Yes. Again I suggest not to invest extremely essential funds in any kind of investments. If its something you can forget about for couple of years then you definitely need to join the ride. The stock price is as low as it has been and could go even lower. Just invest and forget.

  3. If anyone can answer this question, then that person is either liar or a God.

    No one can time the market. Market could reach 1000 or 4000.

    My suggestion is to make a plan that addresses both good & bad case and stick with it till the end.

    Even a broken clock point correct time twice in a day.


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