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Is Pi Coin / Pi Network the next huge thing in Crypto World?

Please note that Cryptocurrency transaction and mining is illegal in Nepal as per the notice issued by Nepal Rastra bank. This article is only for information purposes.

Money has evolved and changed shape over time. Today, digital currencies are best suited to the needs of the digital world. Digital currencies are focused on decentralising the currency in order to facilitate private transactions. Cryptocurrency is a decentralised digital money that can be used to transfer assets from person to person. They are not governed by banks or other central agencies. All of these coins are digital and have no physical existence. Cryptocurrencies can be purchased on exchanges and kept in wallets, exchange wallets, or physical storage discs. They are also spread throughout the network, so that even if one component fails, no data is lost. Pi coin is also the first and only cryptocurrency that can be mined on your phone.

Pi Network

The “Pi Network” is an intelligent network that enables users to earn Pi cryptocurrency from any mobile device. Three Stanford students launched a beta version of the app in March 2019. And two of them have doctorates. They want to build a digital currency that is secure, unchangeable, non-counterfeitable, and interoperable. They intend to accomplish this through the use of distributed ledger technology and the stellar consensus mechanism.

What distinguishes it from other cryptocurrencies?

One of the primary differences between Pi Network and other blockchains is that rewards are distributed on a daily basis. They are not paid out per block and are distributed around the network, so as long as you interact with the network, you will receive a reward at the end of the day. The white paper goes with the availability of free transactions in relation to network congestion. When the network becomes overcrowded, miners will be able to sort through transactions using a fee system, with greater fees being handled with first and everyone else having to wait based on the amount of fee they want to pay.

There is currently no fixed supply, and the overall amount is uncertain. The overall supply will be determined after the initiative is officially launched. The tokens that individuals are earning right now serve as a faucet and are a visual representation of tokens that will be created in the Genesis block when the main net goes live.

The Pi network is fast growing, with over 800,000 active users as of right now. For all we know, it could be the next big thing. Because it is free to join, there is nothing to lose by downloading the app. However, it is strongly advised that you conduct preliminary research before proceeding. For additional information, follow the Pi network on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


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