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IPO Shares of Mandu Hydropower and Hathway Investment Nepal Listed in NEPSE: Opening Ranges Revealed

The initial trading range for the first transaction of IPO shares is between Rs. 124.42 and Rs. 373.26. If the company enters into an agreement with NEPSE, these IPO shares will be available for trading in the secondary market on the following day.

A total of 2,34,00,000 unit shares were issued, with 12,05,320 units being offered to the general public at a price of Rs. 206 per share. This price includes a face value of Rs. 100 and a premium price of Rs. 106 per share. This offering took place from the 10th to the 13th of Bhadra, 2080.

Additionally, Hathway Investment Nepal Limited (HATHY) has listed 2,34,00,000 unit IPO shares on NEPSE, encompassing shares held by promoters and those allocated to the general public.


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