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IPO Launch and Strong Investor Interest: Himalayan Reinsurance Limited’s Milestone in Nepal’s Financial Market

Himalayan Reinsurance Limited initiated the issuance of 2,49,00,000 units of IPO shares to the public starting from the 27th of Mangsir, 2080. The early closing date for this offering is set on the 1st of Poush, with the possibility of extension up to the 11th of Poush, 2080, if the subscription is not fully met.

Out of the total 3,00,00,000 units, a portion has already been allocated – 10% (30,00,000 units) for Nepalese citizens working abroad, 2% (6,00,000 units) for company employees, and 5% (15,00,000 units) for mutual funds. The remaining 2,49,00,000 units are made available to the general public at a cost of Rs. 206 per share, inclusive of a Rs. 100 face value and a Rs. 106 premium.

NMB Capital Limited holds the position of the issue manager, overseeing the application process. Interested parties can submit applications for a minimum of 10 units and a maximum of 3,00,000 units. As per the Central Depository and Clearing Company (CDSC), a total of 888,744 applicants have applied for 16,008,080 units, amounting to Rs. 3.29 Arba. Consequently, the subscription rate stands at 64.29% as of 10 AM.

ICRA Nepal has reconfirmed an issuer rating of [ICRANP-IR] A- for Himalayan Reinsurance Limited. This rating, denoted as ICRA NP Issuer Rating A Minus, signifies a satisfactory level of safety concerning the company’s ability to meet financial obligations in a timely manner. Companies with such ratings are considered to have low credit risk.

Established in 2021, Himalayan Reinsurance Limited is the second reinsurance company in Nepal to issue an IPO. As a leading private-sector reinsurance firm, it specializes in providing reinsurance support to both Life and Non-Life Insurance Companies within Nepal and internationally. The company received its operational license in 2021, marking a significant milestone in its operations.


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