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[saw this post](https://www.reddit.com/r/NepalStock/comments/1ajclx4/what_should_i_do_i_got_to_know_about_this_recently/) OP’s dad invested 50L in nabil and is in constant loss.
Most of you are saying make it a long term thing, 1500-1600 samma bechna sakchau. do you guys even realized what you saying? nabil is already a 1.2 kharab company. 1500-1600 would mean it to be around 4 kharab company in market capitalization. what makes you think nabil will reach there?

Stock’s arent driven by past prices, but are driven by future potential, fundamentally speaking. Supply and demand plays vital role in stock market performance. Nabil and overall banking sector is heavily capitalized i.e lots of float shares. business growth is in low trend since past few years. NPL ta dhilo chado recover hola but bubble price maa nabil feri pugcha vanne kei base chaina. and stock market performance shows that. I really had never seen nabil below 600-700 ever.

Past maa nabil 1700 pugyathyo, arko bull maa feri pugcha is the worst thing you’d want to assume (talking from experience)
Chilime, SCB ,SBI,EBL 8-10 year agi high price maa kinne haru are still in loss. and mind you thats a long time. finally after so long they are showing some positivity. they were hit hard by NRB’s mandatory capital increment policy. this is what overcapitalization does to banks. nabil probably in same road.

business potential, market capitalization , growth trend herera investment garnus , mero sano advice , take it or leave it.
personally I prefer banks like sanima, pcbl, gbime rather than nabil. NABIL ko tyo price was never justified, it was a balloon because of bonus share ko addiction in nepse. similar business vako aru bank ko average price tira aaune chances is high in Nabil.

idk if the guy whose dad bought 50L worth of nabil will read it or not; if I were you I’d Sell NABIL and buy GBIME, SANIMA,IGI, SHPC .

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