Interest rates are being raised by banks and financial institutions in preparation for Falgun.


Magh, commercial banks maintained their rate profiles. Commercial banks offered a maximum interest rate of 10.05 percent on fixed deposits, with the exception of Standard Chartered Bank. SCB has only given a maximum interest rate of 9.5 percent on fixed deposits.

Institutions, on the other hand, were granted a maximum rate of 9.05 percent on fixed deposits.

the months of and Poush, banks had already maintained a maximum rate of 10.05 percent.

Meanwhile, for the month of Magh, development banks preserved the maximum rate on fixed deposits (individuals) at 10.35 percent. The rate was 10.25 percent the month of Poush. Institutions were offered not more than 9.35 percent p.a. in the month of Magh. The highest rate was 9.25 percent in the month of Poush.

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