“Inland Revenue Department (IRD) Falls Short of Revenue Target, Collecting Rs. 4 Kharba 80 Arba in Last Fiscal Year”

The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) faced a shortfall in revenue collection for the last fiscal year, collecting a total of Rs. 4 Kharba 80 Arba. This amount fell 23 percent below the target set at Rs. 6 Kharba 26 Arba. Furthermore, the revenue collected was Rs. 3 Arba less than the previous year’s collection (2078/79).

Throughout the fiscal year, the department struggled to meet its revenue targets. Even in the month of Ashad, revenue collection fell short compared to the previous year, with only Rs. 72 Arba collected as opposed to the previous year’s Rs. 73 Arba.

By the end of Jestha, the department had collected Rs. 4 Kharba 8 Arba, falling short by Rs. 2 Arba compared to the previous fiscal year. Despite this, it was significantly below the revenue target set for the year.

The lower revenue collection was primarily attributed to reduced earnings from banks, financial institutions, alcohol, and automobile dealers compared to the previous year. The department faced challenges in meeting revenue targets since the month of Shrawan, with each subsequent month falling short of the set targets.

For instance, in Poush, the department collected only Rs. 71.31 Arba, which was far below the target of Rs. 1 Kharba 6 Arba. Similarly, in Chaitra, the collection amounted to only Rs. 55.2 Arba, while the target was set at Rs. 83.75 Arba.

Overall, the Inland Revenue Department managed to collect approximately 77 percent of the targeted revenue, resulting in a shortfall of Rs. 3 Arba compared to the previous fiscal year’s collection.

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