In Karnali, 67 percent of the population lives in darkness since there is no electricity.


According to the Division of Water Resources and Development under the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development of the Province, 67 percent of the population of Karnali Province (about 1.3 people) is compelled to live in the dark due to a lack of energy.

They rely on kerosene lights or sun for illumination. The province has a total installed capacity of around 18,000 megawatts of power. Civil rights activists, on the other hand, claim that a lack of funding has exacerbated the situation.

With this achievement, the provincial government’s goal of the province dark by implementing micro hydropower projects and alternate energy sources within the next three years has been achieved.

According to the Ministry of Energy, the construction of small hydropower projects and the of solar energy panels on the initiative of provincial and local governments has reduced the number of people who are without electricity (previously, 7 percent of the population was without electricity).

A total of Rs 43 has been set aside by the government for the construction of hydropower projects in province districts during the current fiscal year (2021/22).

According to the Division, electricity is available to 47 percent of the population in Surkhet, 50 percent in Salyan, 39 percent in Rukum-West, 6 percent in Dailekh, 14 percent in Jajarkot, 20 percent in Dolpa, five percent in Jumla, 22 percent in Kalikot, 19 percent in Mugu, and 28 percent in Mugu (Humla).

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