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IME Group Partners with China CAMC Engineering for Disneyland-Inspired Tourist Destination in Nepal

The IME Group, in collaboration with China CAMC Engineering (CAMK), is embarking on an ambitious project to create a sprawling tourist destination, similar to Disneyland, in Nepal. This groundbreaking venture is set to revolutionize Nepal’s tourism sector, offering a wide range of attractions and experiences for visitors.

IME Group’s Vision for a Disneyland-Inspired Tourist Destination in Nepal:

The IME Group, in partnership with China CAMC Engineering (CAMK), has set its sights on transforming Nepal into a world-class tourist destination, reminiscent of iconic attractions like Shanghai Disneyland. This visionary project was formalized during Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal’s recent visit to China, signifying a significant milestone for Nepal’s tourism industry.

China CAMC Engineering’s Expertise:

China CAMC Engineering (CAMK), a subsidiary of the China National Machinery Industry Corporation (Sinomach), is a renowned leader in engineering design, construction, and consultancy services. The company has a remarkable track record, with notable achievements such as the successful completion of the Pokhara Regional International Airport and various projects worldwide.

IME Group Chairman Chandra Dhakal’s Vision:

Chandra Dhakal, the chairman of the IME Group, emphasized the comprehensive nature of the agreement. This partnership extends across multiple sectors, including industry, infrastructure, information technology, and the development of attractions like cable cars, theme parks, and world-class tourist destinations within Nepal. Dhakal stressed that this collaboration would harness the combined experience and expertise of both companies for the successful execution of the project.

Creating a World-Class Theme Park:

In its initial phase, the project aims to establish a large-scale theme park, inspired by the grandeur of Shanghai Disneyland and Singapore’s Sentosa Island. Dhakal revealed that preliminary groundwork for the theme park’s construction has already begun. Due to its substantial space requirements, the park is likely to be located outside Kathmandu, with Chitwan being considered as a potential site.

Technical Expertise and Investment:

China CAMC Engineering will provide technical assistance and expertise for the project, while the IME Group will oversee the investment aspect. This collaborative approach ensures that the project benefits from the strengths of both entities.


The IME Group’s partnership with China CAMC Engineering to create a Disneyland-inspired tourist destination in Nepal represents a major leap forward for the country’s tourism sector. This ambitious project promises to provide visitors with a world-class experience, and with the combined efforts of these two influential entities, Nepal is poised to become a premier tourist destination. Stay tuned for more updates as this exciting venture takes shape!


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