Himalayan Reinsurance Limited Announces IPO for 2.49 Million Units with Robust Promoter Support

Himalayan Reinsurance Limited is set to launch its initial public offering (IPO) with the issuance of 2,49,00,000 unit shares starting from 27th Mangsir, 2080. The early closing date for this IPO is on the 1st Poush, with the possibility of extension up to the 11th Poush, 2080, if the subscription is not fully met. Out of the total 3,00,00,000 units, 10% (30,00,000 units) have been allocated to Nepalese citizens working abroad, 2% (6,00,000 units) for the company’s employees, and 5% (15,00,000 units) for mutual funds. The remaining 2,49,00,000 units are reserved for the general public, priced at Rs. 206 per share (Rs. 100 face value + Rs. 106 premium).

NMB Capital Limited is designated as the issue manager, and interested investors can apply for a minimum of 10 units and a maximum of 3,00,000 units. ICRA Nepal has affirmed an issuer rating of [ICRANP-IR] A- to Himalayan Reinsurance Limited, indicating a satisfactory level of safety in terms of timely financial obligation servicing, signifying a low credit risk.

Himalayan Reinsurance Limited, established in 2021, is Nepal’s second reinsurance company and operates in both the Life and Non-Life insurance sectors. The company’s IPO involves prominent promoters, including Golchha Group, Shanker Group, Infinity Holdings, Lucky Group, Ramesh Corp, Shiv Shakti Group, and other influential business entities. The IPO represents a significant milestone for the company and provides an opportunity for the public to participate in its growth.


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