Himalayan Power Partner Limited Reports Net Loss of Rs. 10.43 Crores in Q3 FY 2079/80

Himalayan Power Partner Limited (HPPL) has released its third-quarter report for the ongoing fiscal year, revealing a Net Loss of Rs. 10.43 crores. In contrast, during the same quarter of the previous fiscal year, the company had recorded earnings of Rs. 1.70 crores.

HPPL reported a revenue of Rs. 26.33 crores from the sale of electricity up to the third quarter of FY 2079/80. However, the company incurred costs of Rs. 1.81 crores for sales, Rs. 34.10 lakhs for administrative expenses, and Rs. 54.16 lakhs for employee costs.

One significant factor impacting the company’s profitability is the financial cost, which amounted to a loss of Rs. 24.86 crores during the first three quarters of the current fiscal year.

HPPL has a paid-up capital of Rs. 1.06 Arba and has retained earnings of Rs. 11.47 crores. The Earnings per Share (EPS) ratio stands at a negative Rs. – 9.79, while the Net Worth per Share is Rs. 110.77.

At the end of the third quarter of FY 79/80, the closing price of HPPL’s shares was Rs. 297.

The completion of the Dordi Khola Hydroelectricity project in Lamjung, with a capacity of 27 MW, has contributed to an increase of 1.53% in current assets and a significant rise of 181.33% in current liabilities compared to the corresponding quarter of the previous fiscal year.

According to the company’s management analysis, following the successful completion of the project, HPPL is exploring potential investments in other projects to further expand its operations.

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