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Saturday, September 25, 2021


    Apple unveils new iPhone 13, adds new features to iPads, watches

    iPhone 13 and a new iPad mini were announced on Tuesday by Apple Inc., which expanded 5G connection while also showcasing faster processors and crisper camera lenses. Among other things, the iPhone 13 will have a new chip called...

    Words Of Wisdom From The Book ‘Reminiscences of a Stock Operator’Ā 

    EdwinĀ LefĆØvre'sĀ bookĀ 'ReminiscencesĀ ofĀ aĀ StockĀ Operator'Ā isĀ oneĀ ofĀ theĀ mostĀ influentialĀ booksĀ onĀ trading.Ā ThisĀ bookĀ isĀ aboutĀ JesseĀ LauristonĀ Livermore,Ā aĀ successfulĀ traderĀ ofĀ allĀ time,Ā andĀ hisĀ lifeĀ andĀ tradingĀ insights.Ā HeĀ wasĀ notĀ onlyĀ popularĀ inĀ theĀ stockĀ market,Ā butĀ alsoĀ inĀ theĀ commodityĀ market. TheĀ bookĀ containsĀ usefulĀ informationĀ onĀ tradingĀ strategiesĀ andĀ psychology.Ā HereĀ areĀ aĀ fewĀ ofĀ theĀ book'sĀ wiseĀ sentences.Ā IĀ hopeĀ youĀ findĀ itĀ useful. Excerpts from the book "Reminiscences of a Stock Operator" One lesson I learned early is that there is nothing new in Wall Street. There canā€™t be because speculation is as old as the hills. Whatever happens in the stock market...

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    Why Gagan Thapa’s candidacy for Congress ā€” and other parties ā€” could be a positive thing

    Gagan Thapa has opted to enter the race and put his name on the line. Thapa, a central member of...