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Monday, October 25, 2021

    IPO Share

    Sahas Urja Limited is distributing 70 lakh units of initial public offering (IPO) shares to the general public from Ashwin 6.

    During the week of Ashwin 6-10, 2078, Sahas Urja Limited, the developer of the 86 MW Solu Khola Dudh Koshi hydroelectric project, would issue 70,00,000 units worth Rs 70 crore as an Initial Public Offering to the general public....

    Madhya Bhotekoshi will issue 15 million shares, while CEDB will issue 2.5 million as IPO

    Madhyabhotekoshi Hydropower Company and CEDB Hydropower Development Company Limited have got permission to issue IPO. The Nepal Securities Board has given permission to Madhyabhotekoshi Hydropower Company to issue 1.5 crore IPOs worth Rs 1.5 billion. The company plans to use an...

    How to appy for IPO online in Nepal

    Initial Public OfferingsΒ (henceforth IPO) in Nepal are announced every now and then. IPOs allow us to invest in a company and purchase its shares for the very first time. It gives us the opportunity to get the shares at...

    Latest News

    The damage to paddy crops caused by unusual rains is estimated to be Rs8.26 billion.

    The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development announced on Sunday that unseasonal rainfall and floods last week caused damage...