Govt initiates process of resuming construction


, January 20

The has initiated the process to resume the of 220 kV , which has been facing obstacles since almost one year in Gorkha.

Asking the government to change route of the transmission line , locals of Gorkha district, especially of Palungtar Municipality, Ward No 4 and 5, have been halting construction of the project since almost a year.

Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) had initially prepared the project’s design whereby the transmission line would be constructed along the Marshyangdi River.

But NEA had later changed the route after the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal stated that construction of the transmission line along Marshyangdi River would affect landing and take off of flights at the Palungtar Airport.

NEA has designed the new route for the transmission line construction along settlements and forest area ensuring that flights and the planned Smart City in Palungtar will not be affected.

The 37-kilometre transmission line will be constructed along Garambesi to Marki Chowk. As per NEA, 16 towers will be erected in the . However, locals are against the government’s plan to construct the transmission line through settlements.

The Ministry of Energy, Wat

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