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Government Sets Minimum Purchase Price for Sugarcane to Boost Farmer Compensation

During a recent Cabinet meeting held at Singhadurbar, the government made a significant decision to establish the minimum purchase price for sugarcane at Rs 635 per quintal. The official announcement of this decision was made by government spokesperson Rekha Sharma.

As per the newly implemented regulation, sugarcane mills are now required to directly pay Rs 565 per quintal to the farmers. Additionally, the government will extend a subsidy of Rs 70 per quintal to support farmers involved in the sugarcane industry.

Spokesperson Sharma also revealed that the meeting involved a comprehensive review of the government’s progress over the past year. Chief Secretary Dr. Baikuntha Aryal presented insights during the session, emphasizing the urgency to expedite government activities and enhance decision-making processes, laws, and legislation.

This decision is anticipated to have a positive impact on sugarcane farmers, ensuring they receive fair and reasonable compensation for their produce. Ultimately, it is expected to contribute to the overall growth and sustainability of the agricultural sector.


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