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Gold Prices in Nepal Experience a Dip: Rs. 1,000 Decrease per Tola, Silver Follows Suit with a Rs. 20 Fall

The current market for fine gold has witnessed a notable decrease, with the price dropping by Rs. 1,000 per tola. According to the latest information from the Federation of Nepal Gold and Silver Dealers’ Association (FENEGOSIDA), the present trading value for fine gold is Rs. 1,25,000 per tola. This reflects a reduction of Rs. 1,000 from the closing rate reported yesterday, which stood at Rs. 1,26,000 per tola.

Notably, on March 10, 2024, fine gold had reached an unprecedented peak at Rs. 1,26,000 per tola, marking a historic milestone in the market. However, the recent decrease indicates a shift in the pricing trend.

Similarly, Tejabi gold is currently priced at Rs. 1,24,400 per tola, showcasing a decrease of Rs. 1,000 compared to the closing price of Rs. 1,25,400 per tola reported yesterday.

In addition to the changes in gold prices, the price of silver has also experienced a decline. The current market rate for silver is Rs. 1,465 per tola, reflecting a decrease of Rs. 20 compared to yesterday’s closing rate of Rs. 1,485 per tola.


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