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Gold Prices Dip in Nepal: Decline of Rs. 2,700 per Tola

The price of fine gold in Nepal has seen a significant drop, as reported by the Federation of Nepal Gold and Silver Dealers’ Association (FENEGOSIDA). Pure gold is now trading at Rs. 1,35,500 per tola, down by Rs. 2,700 from the previous rate of Rs. 1,38,200 per tola. Tejabi gold has also witnessed a similar decrease, currently valued at Rs. 1,34,850 per tola.

The peak in gold prices was noted on April 19th, 2024, with fine gold reaching an all-time high of Rs. 1,39,300 per tola. However, the latest figures indicate a notable decline in prices.

Additionally, the price of silver has also experienced a decrease of Rs. 45 per tola, with the current market rate standing at Rs. 1,660 per tola compared to yesterday’s closing rate of Rs. 1,705 per tola.

Both domestic and international markets have seen a downturn in prices, with global gold rates reported at $2,306.60 per ounce and silver prices at $27.01 per ounce.


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