For fiscal year 2077/78, Nepal Investment Bank Limited (NIB) recommends a dividend of 16 percent


For the fiscal year 2077/78, which on July 1, Nepal Investment Limited (NIB) has suggested a dividend of 16 percent.

It was in the 554th meeting of the board of directors, held on Ashoj 17, to pay a dividend of 16.25 arba on the paid-up capital. It has been proposed to issue 11.24 percent bonus shares for Rs 1.82 arba and a 4.76 percent cash dividend ( tax) of Rs 77.38 crore, for a total of Rs 77.38 crore.

The dividend will only be paid if it has been approved by the central and the company’s general meeting in the future.

Nepal Investment is in the process of merging with Himalayan Limited, and its stock has been delisted from the Exchange.

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