Following the HBL, the National Insurance and Banking Corporation (NIBL) summons an AGM to approve the merger of two banks.


To go on its plan to merge with Himalayan Bank Limited, Nepal Investment Bank Limited (NIBL) has planned a special annual general meeting (AGM) for January 18 to be held in Kathmandu (HBL).

According to NIBL, the merger HBL is one of the most important topics to be debated at the company’s annual general meeting. HBL will also hold its annual general meeting on January 14, with the goal of approving the issues to the merger.

‘Himalayan and Nepal Investment Bank Limited’ is the name that the two have chosen for their proposed merger, which was signed on May 13 by their respective boards of directors. The merger of these commercial banks, which represents the first-ever unification of two large entities in Nepal, is expected to set a precedent that will make it easier for other large financial institutions in the country to merge at a time when the central bank has advocated for a reduction in the number of commercial banks in the country.

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