FinMin claims that his goal is to collect 200 times the amount of income expected.


According to the Finance Minister, Janardan Sharma, his goal is to collect 200 times the amount of income that has been set as a target.

Speaking at a program arranged after he inspected the Tatopani border checkpoint and customs office in Sindhupalchowk on Monday, Finance Minister Sharma stated that his goal is to at least quadruple collection despite the fact that the country is facing a number of difficulties. “I’m attempting to raise 200 times the amount of money that was originally planned,” he stated. “Strong steps have been implemented in order to boost revenue.”

While expressing optimism that tax collection would be in accordance with the target, he acknowledged that the recent loss of billions of rupees owing to unseasonal rains had put the collection and economic growth under strain. He stated that more investment be made in order to raise revenue, and that the country should move forward by cooperating with China to upgrade the road at Tatopani.

As part of the directive, Minister Sharma directed the authorities to develop a concrete plan for investment by convening meetings the finance secretary and the secretary of the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport to plan for the development of infrastructure at the Tatopani border crossing point.

Asked how much money was needed for infrastructure improvements, he replied, “ how much work we can get done this year.” “You also consider how much the Chinese side will provide.” Let’s carry the project forward by establishing a link the two countries.”

Given that the Tatopani checkpoint is an international checkpoint, the government places a high value on it, and Minister Sharma believes that it be developed in a cooperative manner with both countries involved.

Minister Sharma paid a visit to the port and customs office, as well as to the dry port, which was built with the assistance of the Chinese government. As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Tatopani border crossing is temporarily closed.

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