Engaging returnee migrants in country a pressing issue



If there is one pressing issue before all three levels of the government then employing the in the country can’t be denied at present.

However, the lack of data on who has what skills and interest is intriguing the governments.

It is not that federal government lacks record on those migrant workers who have returned home from various countries following outbreak of . However, the question is where are they engaged? Where do they want to work? What are their skills if the government wants to create employment for them? Data on these aspects is must.

Although the governments at all three levels had announced the creation of jobs for returnee migrants following the outbreak of COVID-19, those with skills and knowledge have not been identified yet. Similarly, no initiative has been taken to provide skill-based training to those without any skills.

According to the latest statistics of the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security (MoLESS), the government rescued 132,825 migrant workers from abroad. Similarly, among the 7,839 people who had applied for labour permits for the second or more , only 1,659 have been provided the permit. Likewise, among the 514 persons who had applied for the labour permit to go for foreign employment for the first , 363 have received the permit.

This data likely reveals that not all people who have returned home are willing to go abroad for employment again.

However, travel restrictions could also be another reason why people have not applied again to go abroad for employment purposes.

Moreover, MoLESS had registered 569,653 jobless people in the country. Among them, 39,730 have been provided jobs. However, none of them has been provided skill-based training. It is the government’s responsibility to provide jobs to those who have returned from abroad and give them opportunities to generate income also to realise national goal of ‘Prosperous : Happy Nepali’.

Meanwhile, the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) w

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