E-passports will be distributed beginning today in Bhaktapur.


The registration for an e-passport (electronic passport) has begun at the Bhaktapur District Administration Office, with the first distribution of the document scheduled for Wednesday.

As of today, service seekers can submit their applications at the District Administration Office and pick up their passports at the same location. To avoid overcrowding, the Department of Passports has limited the number of e-passport applications accepted each day to 20 for the time being. Because of this, only permanent residents are eligible to apply for electronic passports, according to the statement.

Electronic passports were first made available the government on November 7, 2009. The adoption of the electronic passport is expected to phase the use of the machine-readable passport (MRP). The department intends to make it available throughout the country in the future. The biometric passport is integrated with an electronic microprocessor chip, and service seekers can obtain their passports on the same day they apply for the passport.

It was announced on December that the department will suspend the delivery of MRP tokens and that the department would entirely suspend the distribution of MRP on December 14.

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