Do you think market will make the new low ?


I’m currently 30% on my portfolio. I’ve major holding of GUFL RIDI KBL and i was thinking to sell GUFL and KBL if market closes below 1905 and it again if market makes the new low. What’s your market analysis? What’s your plan ?

More at: r/NepalStock by DevMahishasur

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  1. Bhisma090 says

    Aile kun share kinda thik hola , long term hold ko.lagi tei 10 barsha jati , lagani tei 10 hajar to 20 hajar

  2. A-dark-soul17 says

    Hold grne ho vane dividend stocks ho grne, junk vnda ghatne ta tha vayena badhne chai aash chaina aile ko time ma

  3. Sandbox_01 says

    I think It could. Entire world is preparing for the worse. Inflation is the main source of all problems. Unless Nepal’s foreign currency reserve increase drastically, we are not safe. Nepal is paying more for comditity due to inflation & we have near to zero domestic production.

    Fortunately, Remittance is increasing that a good sign. Lets hope it continues even after festive season. I’m hoping for best but planning for worse.

  4. Expensive-Emu-9676 says

    Abba ajhai kati low chaiyo ?? 🤣🤣 purai 100% nai down huna parneymm 🤣🤣🤣

  5. nomad_in_a_quest says

    No. Wont go below 1800 thats for sure. Gayo bhane ghar jagga bechera halnu lol

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