Construction of the Solu Corridor Transmission Line has been completed and the line will be operational within a month after completion.


The building of the Solu 132 kV Double Circuit Transmission Line Project, which runs through the city of Solu, has been finished.

The project’s construction was completed on Saturday, following the completion of the work on erecting the tower and laying cables on Friday and Saturday, respectively. The transmission line from Mirchaiya of Siraha Tila of Solukhumbu via Udayapur and Okhaldhunga is 90 kilometers long and has a total of 302 towers. The line connects the villages of Udayapur and Okhaldhunga.

Kulman Ghising, the Managing Director of the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), stated that the transmission line, which had been halted owing a variety of issues, will be charged and put back into service within a month of being charged. “The construction of the transmission line was hampered by opposition from the local population. Despite a court-ordered halt to the construction, the work was stopped. The construction was finished as a result of the ongoing efforts and steadfast commitment of the National Environmental Agency and the project team “Ghising shared thoughts. As a result, on the one hand, electricity from private sector projects under development in the area will be connected national grid, and on the other hand, power supply in and around the area will be reliable and of high quality, with power leakage being decreased,” says the minister.

A finished and fully operational 132/33 kV and 33/11 kV substation has been constructed at Tila in the Solukhumbu district and has been charged. This is being accompanied by the provision of electrical power the area through the purchase of electricity from the Lahan of Siraha, and now electricity created by the Solu will be used for local use.

Currently under construction is the Solu transmission line, which will be used distribute electricity generated by the Solukhumbu and adjacent hydroelectric plants in Solukhumbu, Okhaldhunga, and Udayapur, as well as connect it to the rest of the national grid. According to Project Chief Janardan Gautam, there numerous issues and roadblocks in the way of the completion of the Solu Corridor transmission line project in India. He stated that the project had been finished thanks to the efforts of everyone involved.

Following the completion of the transmission line, the 23.5 MW Solu Khola Hydropower Project will be connected. Following the completion of this transmission line, NEA entered into a power purchase agreement (PPA) with 12 hydropower projects in the area for a total of 325 megawatts (MW).

As a result of a disagreement over the selection of contractors, the project was put on hold for nearly two years. A contract agreement for the building of the transmission line was signed with the Indian business Mohan Energy in April 2016 for the cost of the project.

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