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Commercial and Development Banks’ Performance in Nepal for FY 2080/81

Nepal Rastra Bank has recently published data outlining the financial performance of both commercial banks and development banks for the initial five months of the ongoing fiscal year 2080/81, concluding in Mangsir.

Concerning commercial banks, the combined net profit for the first five months of the fiscal year 2080/81 in Nepal reached Rs. 28.36 Arba. Noteworthy is Nabil Bank’s leading position, having attained the highest net profit of Rs. 2.96 Arba. Global IME Bank closely followed with earnings of Rs. 2.73 Arba, securing the second position, while NIMB claimed the third spot with a net profit of Rs. 2.6 Arba during this period. In contrast, Agricultural Development Bank reported the lowest net profit among commercial banks at Rs. 12.5 Crores.

Turning to development banks, despite three out of the 17 banks incurring losses, the overall sector in Nepal achieved a net profit of Rs. 1.9 Arba. Muktinath Bikas Bank exhibited outstanding performance with an impressive net profit of Rs. 45.93 crore, closely followed by Garima Bikas Bank with earnings of Rs. 38.67 crore. Conversely, Corporate Development Bank and Narayani Development Bank reported the lowest profits in the sector, with earnings of Rs. 1.09 Crores and Rs. 10.7 Lakhs, respectively. Notably, Saptakoshi, Salapa, and Excel Development Bank faced challenges as they experienced net losses during the same period.


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