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Closure of 7.9% Nepal SBI Bank Debenture 2080: Unitholders to Receive Returns

The “7.9% Nepal SBI Bank Debenture 2080” scheme, comprising 2,00,000 units, has been delisted from the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) following its maturity on Baishakh 6, 2081. This marks the conclusion of the debenture, which provided unitholders with a 7.9% annual return on their investment.

Now that the debenture has matured, Nepal SBI Bank Limited will proceed to refund the seed fund and distribute the accrued interest to the unitholders. The distribution process will be facilitated through the bank’s branch offices, ensuring that unitholders receive their rightful returns promptly.

For detailed information and assistance, unitholders are encouraged to contact or visit the nearest branches of Nepal SBI Bank Limited, located at Kanti Path, Kathmandu, Nepal.


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