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Capital Gains Tax Soars Over 262% in Mangsir, Fueled by Short-Term Investors’ Surge

In a notable development, the capital gains tax collected from the stock market has experienced a remarkable surge, witnessing a staggering 262% increase in the month of Mangsir compared to the preceding month of Kartik. The government’s revenue from capital gains tax saw a substantial rise from Rs 8.41 crore in Kartik to an impressive Rs 30.53 crore in Mangsir.

A closer examination of the data reveals that the surge in capital gains tax during Mangsir was primarily driven by short-term investors, who contributed significantly to the overall increase. Short-term investors individually paid Rs 14.14 crore in Mangsir, a considerable jump from the Rs 4.60 crore paid in Kartik. Following suit, long-term investors also played a role in this surge, contributing the second-highest amount of profit tax, amounting to Rs 9.24 crore in Mangsir as opposed to the Rs 2.69 crore in Kartik. Despite being in third place, institutional investors made a noteworthy contribution of Rs 7.14 crore in Mangsir, a significant increase from their Rs 1.11 crore contribution in Kartik.

The government imposes a tax on the profits derived from buying and selling shares in the secondary market, with individual investors subjected to a 7.5% tax rate and long-term transactions enjoying a reduced rate of 5%. This substantial increase in capital gains tax indicates a vibrant and robust performance in the stock market, with short-term investors taking the lead in contributing to the government’s revenue.


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