Best site for NEPSE paper trading?


CanR7;t find paper trading sites for NEPSE. I do paper trades in US markets and have the skills transfer over to NEPSE?

More at: r/NepalStock by ImaginaryParfait5981

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  1. slyth007 says

    Share kheladi bhanne cha sharesansaar ma.

  2. y4maa says

    yes. I suggest trading indexes CFD like us500, us30, nas100, etc. Indexes mirror stocks so if your goal is only stocks then you can trade them only or you can trade forex and commodities too if you want. Since, they move 24/7 for 5 days. You will have more chances to trade.
    I recommend ‘tradingview’ for paper trading since it’s quiet easy and free but for more features you will need to pay.

    there is like sharekheladi from sharesansar but idk it’s good. so, just go international.

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